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Story to tell

Being an Au Pair to Philippines Coast Guard Officer . A Story to tell

I am proud to have come from a strong line of women. Women who take charge of their lives, Women who saw opportunities from every obstacle and made paths for themselves when no paths seems to lead to their destination. But before attaining all the success I have right now, I’ve been into a lot of challenges and struggles in life and no one could say that I will go this far.

Losing a father at a very young age curved me to be disciplined and responsible women. In spite of hardships we could overcome every obstacle that comes our way because we don’t have a choice.  We always have a moment of hopelessness and desperation while growing up. But we were never one to complain. We take what life hits us with and make the most out of it.

I’m just a woman full of dream. Dreaming to have a better future and be out of poverty. And only one solution helps me, hard work and courage to fight for your dream. And it starts with a good education as it was the only weapon I know to win in the battles of life. Yet, it seems uneasy because of small resources we have there comes a point that I felt undaunted because my mother told me to stop going to college but I didn’t surrender my dream. Inspired by my military father, I took up Bachelor of Science in Criminology and finished it the soonest possible time.

At a young age, lots of opportunity will come. I went abroad after graduation through the help of relatives, friends and encouragement of my sister. I decided to leave our country for a reason; aside from giving or providing a decent living for my family, I want to experience what other side of the world could offer before settling and apply into the government service. Believe it or not, I didn’t dream to live abroad because for me my future lies in my own country and I want to serve my country as my father did, but opportunity came and who am I to refuse it.

 Life is about choices, no matter how bad things are, no matter what situation you are and no matter what you think you can or cannot do, you have a choice. It may be difficult to make choices in life but it will push you to go out to your comfort zone. And yet I choice to leave the things I love and dream in order to be in an unknown country. I spent four and half years abroad in three different destinations. I stayed in Denmark for one and half year, Norway for two years and Netherlands for one year working as Nanny/Aupair. My experiences abroad gave me an opportunity to learn lessons to be treasured. I’ve learned how to value the things I’ve earned through my labors, appreciate and be thankful to those people around me and be independent and mature in some ways. Life abroad was tricky yet full of adventure. I discovered and explored places I’d never imagine I could. Visiting wonderful places like Sweden, Belgium, Germany and the city of love Paris was an irreplaceable adventure of my life. And those experiences were things that money can’t buy and memories I will never forget.

Being wise in making decisions can lead you to success. In spite of enjoying life abroad, I decided to come home and pursue and continue my dream in my own country before it’s too late because I’m not getting any younger. It seems not easy the way I think it should be. Many times I neither failed and seem I’ve been rejected but the word surrender is not a solution nor destroy my dream.  I’m not that strong neither intelligent I’m just courageously facing my fear and fight for my future.

Other may tell that I’m so stupid to come back in spite of the good future other country could offer yet, I still choose to enter in a manly job. Job that no one could expect nor imagine that woman who always wears girly stuff will undergo military trainings. Neither would I believe that I would survive In that kind of living, physically, mentally and emotionally tortured. But the good thing of growing up in a hard life is appreciating the bad and good side of life and being able to develop a healthy attitude.

I’m not perfect, I always commits mistake. Mistake that teach you lessons to stand and recover from it. Experiences make you strong and give you the attitude to stand and not surrender for whatever comes on your way. And my perseverance gave me strength to do impossible things and having a singular goal and focus made my success.

Fighting for your future is not bad, as I did fight mine. I go with the flow of life and it leads me to what I am right now, the Philippine Coast Guard organization. I only ask to serve as an ordinary individual but God is so good that he gave me more than I asked for him. Being a commissioned officer of the Philippine Coast Guard is uneasy task. Having a board on your shoulder denotes responsibility. Responsibility not only for yourself neither your men but also for our country.

Everybody can make their life better. We are responsible for it as we have the ability to make our own life better. We just have to choose wisely, stand on your decisions and love what you do. Wherever you are neither you are here in the Philippines nor abroad you can make a life, you can build good future. SUCCESS is being contented to what you have.