De nieuwe standaard voor culturele uitwisseling tussen
Nederland en de Filippijnen


My Journey in Europe

Life is about moments. Europe is the place I'd never imagine I can be. Life is about choices and I choose to leave the things I'd love, the future I had in order to be in this place. Scared is the feeling I felt when my feet land in an unknown country but being a women who stand on her decision, quitting is the last thing to do.

Being away from my family and living in a country beyond my expectations is hard. Learning other cultures and languages is really tough. Mingle and associate yourself to other people and foreign families is not easy. But, in spite of it I've loved being here. Everything; the place, the people, the kids, my friends, food, the culture, language, the trips and specially the shopping centers :) Learning things that is uncommon is great! Seeing every difference is awesome. This journey made me something. Standing on your own, being independent and matured. I've learned how to value the things I've earned and appreciate those people around me. This experience made me realized how lucky I am to be in this part of the world. Not all people at my age will have the opportunity as I had so I will count it as a blessing. Being in a wonderful place like Denmark, Norway and Netherlands plus the weekend adventures in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Paris are the best. As a young and adventurous woman, I still have time to explore but all are just temporary, as nothing is permanent. It is about time to go home and pursue my career.

Starting a new chapter at my own home is confusing. I'm not sure if what will happen because I've already used to live here. I wont ever regret a thing because I did enjoy and experience things that money can't buy and memories that never forgotten. This journey is irreplaceable, bearable and unforgettable adventure of my life. I will cherish it for the rest of my life. Thank God for guiding and allowing me in this journey. Thank you to those people who helps and being part of it, specially the families who made my journey memorable. I will gonna miss you all specially the kids. I'm so grateful that one's in their childhood life I've been part of it. I've learned a lot from them as they learned from me. I surely gonna miss their smile, their sweetness, their hugs and kisses and their silliness. Karl Emil, Frederikke, Ina, Eirick, Ella and Fleur you will always be in my heart. What we've shared will be irrevocable. Thank you so much for everything! I hope to see you again EUROPE!!! It will not ends

December 2012

Anecdote : Mecah, was an au pair in Norway before she joined a family in Rotterdam in 2011, after she finished her 12-month program in the Netherlands she went back to Philippines and she is now an officer of the Philippines Coast Guard.

Out of comfort zone

When I came here almost a year ago, it was nothing but a definite out of comfort zone. Language barrier, culture shock and tell me what else there is to be surprise about, that is the Netherlands Encounter. Complaining won’t change the scenario you've agreed upon and so I started to change myself and embrace every single moment that I'm with the family and mesmerizing the marvelous places. To be an au pair is to influence and be influenced. Nothing more. The best compensation, well, the experience that I could not trade with anything. One thing that I have realized though, whatever you are, BE A GOOD ONE.

We never know that this chances that we have are the only golden moments that could possibly turn our life around. When I left home for my job in Singapore I was high-spirited to escalate my success. When I left Singapore to be an au pair, I didn't consider it as a big leap to success but now that I am leaving Holland, I have earned my life way more than I expected to be successful. By not stopping and not getting stagnant to where I am, the best is ahead.

Until I could find the right word to express my gratitude to the woman who shout on me on the phone at exactly 4:00 am just to remind me that am doing it right, a big KUDOS Tita Zita. By the way, meet the love of my life, David whom I treated not only my little brother but more of being my son.

April 2013

Jenny was a nurse in Singapore before joining our program in 2012. After her stay to a family in Uithoorn she went back to Philippines and study about Psychology.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

I can hardly believe that one year has gone by so quickly and that it is already time to say my goodbyes and return home. I would like to thank tita Zita, mr. Huub, and thomas, You are the reason Why I had a great time here in the Netherlands and to have the best host family. To my dearest host Family, Thank you for the love and care, I will go home, my heart filled with joy. Thank you for helping me immerse myself in your country, culture and language. To my friends (Ate G, Ate Leydz, Lorie, Zhy, Jove, Mary queen, Janice, laurence, and hanan,) thank you for the friendship, love, care and laughter.

To Omas and Opas thank you for the warm welcome, I really felt I am part of your family especially to Oma Corrie who taught me how to make beautiful cards. To christina, thank you for your help, I wish you good luck and have a great time. It has been such a blessing staying with you guys, and getting to spend time with you all. You have made this such an education, fun, and memorable trip, and I will always think fondly on the time we were able to spend together.



I will miss you all and I Love you all.

Anna Crissa
February 2014

Anna Crissa just finished her degree in Engineering when she joined a family in Rotterdam. After the Netherlands she went to Denmark to be an au pair.

Home away from home ...

"You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere...

I lived in a small but cozy town, 30 minutes away from the buzzling city of Amsterdam in Netherlands for a year as an Au Pair. An unfamiliar concept that I have struggled to explain to my friends and family in the Philippines.

Basically, an Au Pair is a young adult from a foreign country that provides a unique cultural exchange experience (with some babysitting and light household chores).In turn, the Au Pair receives free board and lodging and a pocket money.

Honestly, I chose to be an Au Pair to escape facing the dismal job market. And hey! I'd get to visit and LIVE in Europe which I've only ever dreamed of! Picture the spectacular Eiffel Tower, the oozing cheese in Amsterdam, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome... Pretty cool, right?!

Living with my host family for a year taught me a lot of things. It was like everyday was a new day for me. BUT there are two things that I will never forget:
1. Bread for breakfast AND lunch (with chocolate sprinkles! I'd totally love to live as a child in Netherlands!)
2. My host family LOVES adobo! Sweet

One year seems like forever but believe me when I say, time flies so fast!

Saying goodbye to my host family was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I remember trying to hold it together and praying that I would not cry in front of them.

I am still in contact with my host family and I visited them last July 2016 before they moved to China. And I am sure that I will see them again someday, along with the cool neighbours and the lovely Oma's, Opa and the rest of the family.

I think fondly of our time together everyday and living with my host family has made my au pair experience life changing.

If I can describe my au pair experience in one word? I'd definitely say... Gezellig!!!

"...That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place."

March 2014

Timmy is at the moment in Denmark and have visited most of the countries in Europe. The family who welcomed her in 2013 was living in Maarssen

Chasing my dreams...

Have you ever dreamt of a place that has the magic to soothe a weary mind? Then let me take you with me as I am going to reminisce my wonderful days chasing my dreams in Europe. As you can see, when you travel beautiful areas in this places, you will feel fulfilled. I would have never believed that time really goes by so fast. I have been in the Netherlands for one year, but I can feel how time is run away..You "only" have that one year and each day that has past is one day less with my amazing host family and to experience the happiness of my cute host children. The people that I have met so far are all super nice and friendly. I really love the aupair program. I am very glad I choose this field, it is a great organization and I had a great support with everything. It is very exciting when you go alone abroad for the first time and then so long but I felt good organized with the help of the agency so thank you HAPPY AUPAIR for making my dreams come true. Netherlands is one of the place that I would love to be back always.I had a great memorable life experience,fun trips and mostly lovable host family. At the present time, beyond chasing my dreams, moving around and exploring different places. My advice is just do it we only live once and now is the time to do it. And if it is still far from the horizon for you to achieve it, don't let your dreams leave you behind. Keep them in your heart and mind, because among the millions of dreams some of them do come true even in the most difficult time.

Ferlyn Mae
February 2015

Ferlyn Mae followed Timmy in Denmark. In 2014 she joined a family in Utrecht which she still visits during holidays

Living the adventurous life I dreamed about for so long…

It’s not every day chances will be on your hands. It’s not always that you’ll be young and free. Life is all about choices, experiences and making the most out of it. We only live once; you gotta make your own road and story to tell! And so here I am quitting my job, packing my things, taking the other road and starting to write my own one…

Given the chance to be part of The Cultural Program in The Netherlands where you may live in a Dutch family for a year, to know their culture, languages and its people was the biggest opportunity I ever had in my entire life.

Shout out to Happy Au Pair, Mr. & Mrs. Beusekom, their son, Thomas, Driesens-Oyen Family and Apple! Thank you for making my dreams into reality...

I’m 24, futuristic, very ambitious woman, Filipina and I am an Au Pair.
May 01, Friday afternoon, I'm stoked! Windmills, cheese, bike and tulips keep running on my mind... This is for real! Gus Waters and Hazel Grace of The fault in our stars are waiting for me to come! OMG! Amsterdam! This is where Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook lives! Travelling, inter railing around Europe! And of course, with these 2 little Dutch kids, am I really ready? What are the things that I will teach to them? Are they gonna listen to me? Are they gonna understand me? Will they like me? Will the whole family love me? Let's see! This is the beginning of my journey on the road... –wrote, 01 May 2014

Being an Au Pair is not just about travelling, learning the language, making friends, and getting a pocket money from the family but a commitment of taking care and keeping of the kids safe. It’s about nurturing kid’s character toward their environment. It is a give and take relationship of love, trust and respect to the whole family as part of imparting the culture and belief to one another.

Sanne and Mick bring out the best out of me. It's a different pressure that I had been working in a reality shows. And for me, this is the biggest "Reality" that defines me as person. This scenario is even more like pitching and defending your story to your big bosses. 5 or 10 years from now or maybe earlier or later, I will surely become a mom. I know I'll be having my own kids and this sets me on board of what kind of a mother whom I'll be. At some point, this made me so excited to my future ones to tell them a story, to teach them how to read and write, to prepare their meals, send and pick them out from school and extracurricular activities, thinking about their theme for their birthday party, biking together, go walk into the forest, run around, taking them a bath, sing a song and teach them how to pray before their going to bed and a lot more... Even seeing them sad or feeling not so well makes me dying inside. Oh I just felt being a young mom as well!

Sanne and Mick you are a wonderful blessing to me, I can't wait to see you both knocking on my house with a big backpack and super ready to see the world. I will always remember both of you my princess and prince! Krizia loves you so much...

Dirk and Marjolein you’re the coolest couple I’ve ever met. As always you inspired me to be a better person. Bringing the sales and marketing strategies at home make us kicking! Again, no comment haha. Thank you for letting me to be part of your family. I love you both

Without any doubt, I don't have any regrets of choosing this program over my career. I know there could have been better choices but living my choices and keeping my mind open to new perspectives will set me apart from the other choices that I have in life. There is something very powerful and liberating about it – My lifelong memories where personal growth and evolution reside. –wrote, 01 May 2015

Anna Krizia
April 2016

Anna Krizia joined a family in Heemstede in 2015, while she was here in the Netherlands she participated to film making short courses. She went back to the Philippines last year and now a Freelancer in commercial world.

Life is a choice: I choose to grow and be happy

Often times, I encounter the question: “What made you decide to be an au pair?” My deep desire to learn more about LIFE is what I answer. I now feel like a “real adult” than before. To give you a glimpse, I had an easy childhood and generally a comfortable life. I grew up with a loving family and a very hands-on mom. I was the type of girl wearing a sundress twirling around on a flower field. Sounds great, huh? But like most of us, there will come a time when you choose to be out of your comfort zone. I have to learn, grow and stand on my own. Being an au pair gave me the opportunity to grow and be an adult while being guided by my host family. What else? I experienced how to be a modern-day explorer. I got to see the world and improve my interpersonal skills in a culturally diverse, international environment. Travelling and wandering around made me brainy and footsy.

This program also sculpted me to be a responsible woman. It’s like enrolling to “life-relevant” courses:  Parenting101 and 431 Easy Steps to Adulthood. Life wasn’t as relaxing as before but I embraced the way it turned out. I encountered a lot of transitions and changes that made me a better person. Patience went longer, faith got stronger and love for toddlers went deeper. You’ll begin to love the things you do as a toddler again:  trips to zoos, parks, museums and even trying the slippery slide again. I also started to notice maturity with the conversations I had with my friends. It shifted from make-up tips to recipes, from hair curling to potty training. I also mastered the art in joggling time for home, families (both here and Phil), friends, travel, my fashion course, gym, yoga, and EU bucket list. After all, life is a great balancing act: there will always be time for everything.

The best part of the program is gaining a family from the other side of the globe. I felt blessed to be a part of the best and coolest family that ever existed. I was loved and well taken care of. I can’t find enough words to thank them for their all-out support for my happiness and growth. To our little gem, Reggie, who will always be part of my existence; thank you for filling my days with sweetness and love. You added more quality to my soul, you made me even better and I thank you for that. And just like what I say to you every day, I love you.

To my parents, thank you for allowing me to change and grow. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you still do.

Also, I can’t be thankful enough to Happy Au Pair. They offer the real program far from I was expecting.  They screen and set high standards for the welfare of both hosts and au pairs. One thing to say: Quality is high.

To end, I got no regrets. It was a year full of happiness, growing and learning.  I got to expand my horizon in Europe with everything in between that it offered.



A year living in Amsterdam was a great breakthrough in my personal transition as I enter my quarter life. I consider it to be the best chapter in my life up to this day. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that I got the chance to live in a European country (Netherlands), with a loving and caring host family.

For the people who know me personally, I live in a comfortable lifestyle in the Philippines. Being the youngest in the family, my parents had provided my elder sister and I with more than the needs type of living. It is not something to brag about but it is something that I am grateful for each and every day, for the hard work and dedication that they have fulfilled in our lives as parents. Thinking about it, these are the blessings in my life that I can hardly repay, but I’m striving my best to do so in the years to come and I look up to them as my role models as I become a future parent. It is more than what we could ask for considering a life in a third-world country. I grew up in a very comfortable household and so I have not been fully independent on my own. Through the chance of being an au pair in the Netherlands, I learned how to be independent and become a more responsible adult. I have learned how to cook, do some light household chores and do some personal life decisions on my own that I didn’t get to do in the Philippines. It allowed me to see life in a different perspective, a more diverse and stronger personality to stand on my own two feet, finally.

I was lucky to get the chance to be matched by Tita Zita to the perfect host family. I can say that Happy Au Pair is an expert in match making! My host parents and I have similar interests and personality types, such as being extroverts who enjoys travelling and the great outdoors. Because of this, they were very much supportive in my travel goals and as a result, I was able to visit 28 cities in 12 European countries. They were also the fun and exciting family full of humor, and we get along pretty well with intellectual conversations. I learned a lot from them especially during supper, where we had the chance to talk about anything and everything under the sun. From politics, to entertainment, to food, to music and all that we both love to share our ideas about. I grew so much and learned so much. It’s what I cherish and value the most. Those simple talks every single night that were meaningful, full of love and laughter.

The greatest chance that I got was to be able to take care of an adorable little boy that turned out to be my favorite baby boy forever. For the people close to my heart, they know that I have a soft spot in my heart for children. This was the most treasured and the most fulfilling role that I got to do as an au pair. It was priceless to see him smile and spending time with him everyday was such a rewarding experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world just to see him happy. The little boy meant so much to me, and because of him I got the chance to be an Au Pair in Amsterdam. He was the reason of it all. I have loved him as a little brother that I never had.

These are all the reasons why I’m privileged, grateful and blessed that I got the Chance with being an Au Pair in the Netherlands through Happy Au Pair BV. I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn and we are lead to those who help us most to grow. If we let them, and we help them in return. I know I’m who I am today because I knew you.

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It’s about finding special people along the way and learning to value all the memories that you have, good or bad.

No matter what, we should never stop having hope, keeping faith and believing, that one blessed day we will redeem everything and right there we would know, as maturing and growing individuals, we finally got our Chance.

We may live our lives in different time zones and on the opposite sides of the world, but I know just where to find you, in a piece of my heart, carried with me for a lifetime.



Now, I got to face another chance, and it’s called tomorrow.


My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures...

People say being an Au Pair is the perfect opportunity for me, because I love kids, I can get along with them easily, I love to travel and experience new things. I am young and still has a lot of energy to explore, learn and discover more things beyond my comfort zone. I guess that is true, don’t get me wrong, I am doing great before joining the program, I had my dream job as a preschool teacher then I got promoted as a School Guidance Counselor. I went to amazing places here in the Philippines, and I get to be with my family and friends. But then who am I to missed this great opportunity, to live in another country. Who wouldn’t like to travel and see more amazing places? Who wouldn’t want to experience and discover new culture? These are reasons why I joined this program, for me it was a perfect opportunity that I won’t miss.

August 23, 2019, I met my host family. They welcomed me and made me feel comfortable with them. We did mini golfing, ate their famous big-thinned Dutch pancakes, we play football, we eat-out, and we watch movies together. I had the impression of Dutch people being genuinely nice because of them. So again I told myself, this is perfect for me. I am blessed with a great host family; they are nice to talk to. I can openly say anything to them. I get along with my host siblings very well, we enjoy playing and doing arts and crafts.

Me being an Au Pair gets even more perfect, when I started visiting different countries in Europe. Me and my friends went to Spain and to my dream country “Italy”. Thanks to Happy Au Pair (Tita Zita, Tito Huub, and Thomas) I get to see Belgium and Germany together with my sisters in the program, isn’t it amazing? We also get to have fun events together like; bowling, parties, seminar and tours, we were really the Happiest Au Pairs. Unfortunately, we had to cancel some trips and events due to the pandemic, but it was perfectly fine for me because I got to spend more time with my host family especially the girls (my host siblings). More playing, doing arts, making treats, and knowing more about each other.

I’ll miss a lot from NL; My host family, Happy Au Pair, Poffertjes, simple celebrations, riding the bicycle, visiting parks and museums, Sinterklaas Day, and of course Dutch cheese. I can say that my adventures as an Au Pair in the Netherlands was perfectly imperfect. Hoping that others may also experience this once in a lifetime opportunity that they will treasure and love.

Thank you Happy Au Pair,
Thank you Host Family,
Thank you Netherlands.

Anecdote : Betina joined a family in Amstelveen in the summer of 2019, after she finished her 12-month program in the Netherlands she went back to Philippines and now working as a pre-school teacher.